Roop Sen

Roop is a strategist, researcher and process worker, working passionately with diverse groups including women and children in situations of violence and exploitation through grass root organisations as well as international organisations and corporate. His core competency lies in the domain of trafficking, protection, migration and gender.

 Over the last decade, Roop has been instrumental in developing right- based intervention strategies for international organisations, foundation and trusts, wherein he brought in his know-how of the anti-human trafficking context and child protection scenario in South Asia, what works and what does not and the challenges therein. His deep engagement with survivors of trafficking, violence and exploitation helps him to see through the lens of these people and design interventions that would be people- centric rather than being focused on the mandate of the financiers solely.

Further, Roop has also worked with the Ministry of Women and Child to develop policies on rehabilitation, standard operating systems, which focuses from pre-rescue to rehabilitation stage.

As a researcher, Roop is a specialist on qualitative researches and have conducted several researches including psychological research on survivors of sex trafficking, health (both physical and psychological) research on the legal system and PIL, cross-border mobility and migration among boys, vulnerability of street children.

Roop is also a process worker and is a Fellow at the Sumedhas Academy for Human Context. He is engaged with several corporate and the development organisations on organizational development including capability development, leadership development in senior and middle-level executives, strategic alignment of actions with visions, systems’ alignment and policy development.

Roop is a co founder and partner of the firm. He is also the co founder and advisor of Sanjog, a technical resource organisation that specializes in research and policy advocacy on issues of trafficking in children and women.

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