Kumud Kalia

Educator, Process Work Facilitator, Organization Development

My experience in education sector has taught me that learning is catalysed through the bond built on “trust”. We limit ourselves through our own interpretation of our circumstances, events or experiences. As these interpretations get modified by a fresh and neutral perspective the hitherto masked potential starts manifesting itself. As a parent, teacher, caregiver and facilitator my understanding is that one can reinforce already-existing competencies as well as develop new ones. As this ignition gains momentum, the blocks turn into learning opportunities. I saw it happening among the growing children as well as adults which further strengthened my belief in individuals. At “Sambhaavna” we work on possibilities, and not just on tangible characteristics of an individual.

In my 32 years of being in a Teaching – Learning situation with adolescents in a school set up, I learnt two things – one that learning is a life-long process and two, that it is a multiway process. I added to my academic qualifications continually. I completed my Bachelor’s in Education after a gap of seven years since my post-graduation and 16 years later, studied Journalism in a bid to manage School Publication more professionally. 9 years after that, I reinvented my career by becoming a Professional Member of ISABS (www.isabs.org). As process worker, I got to work with Corporate Professionals, NGO professionals, students and the grass root level workers.This has further enhanced my understanding of human behaviour and the processes that impact human mind and behaviour.

Old students frequently reconnect with me, not for my teaching skills or academic expertise, but invariably for the “magic of connect” at an emotional level.This,I believe is a skill that can be honed. As a student of biology I saw sentient beings adapting to theirenvironment and habitat analogous to human beings.In my work with individuals and groups, I bring together my eclectic life experiences to build a trusting environment of learning and growth.

Watching children bloom into young adults was the most fascinating and gratifying experience in my 32 years of school teaching career. As a partner in their journey I learnt to understand and appreciate a person as an individual and the way one relates to others. The role of primary caretaker of my terminally ill husband taught me the life skills that academics could not. The greatest loss of my life turned out to be a milestone that landed me in a space where “learning how to learn”has became my passion. When words fail me then feelings flow as oil colours on a canvas or as verses on a piece of paper.

I am an Organization consultant, a partner at Caregiver Saathi which is an enterprise that supports family caregivers, a retired teacher with students all over the world, a parent and a grandmother.

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