Who we work with

We believe that the future of work and organizations will be networks, collaborations, partnerships and alliances. Such organizations allow for individuals to express themselves creatively in a variety of ways and allow organizations to bring together diverse teams that are fit-for-purpose.

In order to challenge thought and build an innovative experience, we collaborate with associates and alliance organizations of diverse experiences across industries, countries, generations, sectors,who share our passion and values of working with people.

Our Team

Abhijit Mishra
Apoorva Gupta Jalan
Atul Kalia
Bhavana Issar
Harmeet Anand
Joelle Peeiffer
Kartikeyan V
Kubeshni Govender Jones
Kumud Kalia
Mustafa Moochhala
Roop Sen
Sandeep Zutshi
Sukari Pinnock
Veena Yadav


Change Mantras
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