Our Purpose

Challenging Thought…Inspiring Possibilities

Sambhaavna engages with a wide range of organizations as partners in their transformation journey, towards their vision and dreams. We do this by integrating multiple perspectives into a holistic approach.

“Challenging thought” and “inspiring possibilities” are at the core of all our ventures. When people have the freedom and ability to ideate, innovate, go beyond the conventional understanding and explore possibilities, they bring positive and sustainable change for themselves, others and their organizations.

Life in general, and human beings in particular, are like seeds of limitless potential and countless possibilities. This potential however, needs to be explored, identified and nurtured for it to blossom. This passionate belief is the genesis for Sambhaavna.

Sambhaavna (sum-bhaav-na, noun, Hindi/ Sanskrit for ‘possibility’) has taken shape from this deep conviction that the possibilities are inherent and innumerable, and from an enthusiasm thatworking with people is the way for realizing these possibilities.

The Genesis and the Identity

The name, the founder, the logo, the colours

Sambhaavna, pronounced “sum-bhaav-na,” is a noun in Sanskrit/ Hindi for “possibility”. Given the Indian roots and global perspective that we wish to offer, the name and the tag line (Challenging Thought…. Inspiring possibilities) is a combination of Sanskrit/ Hindi and English.

Sambhaavna was founded by Bhavana Issar in the 2012. Bhavana has over 22 years of experience in diverse global companies as a consultant and an HR leader.

Bhavana is passionate about Change and transitions, Innovation, Creative expression, group dynamics, transpersonal psychology, somatics and Yoga. She has been inspired by the trans-disciplinary approach and prefers to combine Eastern and Western philosophy and frameworks.

Being a motorcycle rider (Ambassador for Global Moto Adventures) has helped her discover herself by pushing the boundaries of mind, body and soul and creating new possibilities, something she passionately believes in and wishes to live. While there are many ways of describing her – from a romantic poet to a relentless activist, what she relates to the most, is curious learner and an adventurous explorer. Bhavana has also founded Caregiver Saathi, a social enterprise that aims to create an ecosystem of well-being for the informal caregiverswho are the primary caregivers to a family member with terminally illness or with chronic medical conditions.

At Sambhaavna, our passionate belief in challenging thought, integrating ideas and innovation is expressed through the identity of the organization and the way we express ourselves. The symbols for the 5 impact areas are a confluence of ideas from symbols, anthropology, Gestalt psychology and advertising communication.

Human potential is infinite and so are the possibilities for an individual, a group, an organization or a community. This potential has many hues and many dimensions which are dynamic which is why the logo is a multi-coloured infinite loop of strands or yarn which can be woven into fabric with myriad designs. Given the fact that the context is dynamic and that our organization values the ideas of challenging thought and inspiring possibilities that have hitherto not been explored, the logo is not a fixed image either.

As the Sambhaavna logo symbolizes diversity through the multiple colours of the strands that create the sign of infinite, we looked at what various colours symbolised and combined these symbols and colours to define the 5 impact areas:


  Purple represents creative, imaginative, wise combined with Spiral which is the symbol of growth, evolution, is our promise for Transformation .

  Orange represents friendly, cheerful, confidence combined with Cross which is the symbol for relationships, integration, is our promise for People Matters .
 Green represents peaceful, harmony, growth, health combined with Triangle which is the symbol for dreams, visions, and goals, is our promise for Capability Building .

  Black /Grey represents balance, neutral combined with Square which is the symbol for stability, solidity, security, is our promise for Business Consulting .

  Blue represents trust, dependable, strength combined with Circle which is the symbol for wholeness, the experience of unity, is our promise for HR Advisory & Services. .

These symbols have been inspired by Angeles Arrien and her book, ”Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them”, where she identifies five universal shapes that carry the same meaning across time and culture.


The five universal shapes are:


The Circle Symbolizes: Wholeness, Unity, Independence, Individuation

The Square Symbolizes: Stability, Solidity, and Security

The Triangle Symbolizes: Goals, Dreams, Visions, Self-discovery, and Revelation

The Equidistant Cross Symbolizes: Relationship, Integration, Coupling, Synthesizing, Integrating, and Balancing

The Spiral Symbolizes: Growth & Change, Evolution (Life-renewing stories & myths), coming to the same point again & again but at a different level, new perspectives.